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Visited over 80 countries around the world

Pure Japanese products.
Highly moisturizing Halal lip balm to
the world.

I was born in a small village in the countryside of Japan. I was curious girl and wanted to go out and meet different people in the world. So far, I have visited more than 80 places in approximately 40 countries around the world for work and travel, and I have made many female friends as I have been exposed to various cultures and lived with them in different languages.

In one country, there was a girl who always tried to straighten her frizzy hair with curlers and applied a lot of Vaseline on it, saying, "I want to have straight and silky hair like Japanese lady," but her hair was hurting. I met a woman who said, "My lips are so thick, so I only applied on upper lip.” But her lips were chapped.

When I visited a Muslim country, I learned that Muslims live according to Halal Islamic law, which means "what is permitted" in Arabic. They use safe Halal cosmetics made from nature derived ingredients, without using collagen or alcohol derived from pigs, based on the idea that Muslims should always keep clean in their daily lives and only give good things that are suitable for their own consumption to others.

I sympathized with this idea of Halal. Women everywhere has the same desire to be beautiful and look beautiful, but if their hair and lips are not moisturized and healthy, they will not look beautiful. This is why it is important to use raw materials that are safe for the body.

When I lived in the highlands of African country, during the dry season, my hands, knees, and arms were all dry, and my lips were especially chapped and painful, so I decided to develop a lip balm that would be highly moisturizing first. This is a purely Japanese Halal lip balm with Halal certified and safe not only for women and Muslims, but also for babies and men.

As I have traveled around the world, I have realized once again that no one in the world has the same skin color, hair, face and personality. I aspires to help women lead healthy and vibrant lives by developing their own unique individualities to their full potential. I would like to spread this message from Japan to women all around the world, starting with Mitchan’s products.